Mar 9, 2017
Hi there,

We work with home inspectors and we see a lot of home-based SABs getting the pin on the finder map. Has anyone seen a correlation here with making the address public and showing the pin? We have inspectors that want to test this, but I'm guessing this is also against webmaster guidelines to show an address that isn't a storefront correct?



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Jul 18, 2012
Hey Kevin,

I'll never forget this one case I had at least 4 years ago where I had a SAB who we unhid the address for and the rankings shot up overnight. I was ever able to replicate that and always assumed it was some type of glitch related to MapMaker (back when that was still around).

Currently I have a locksmith client that is dominating his area and most of his competitors who rank below him have their address showing (he has it hidden) so I would have to say, no, I wouldn't expect it to make a difference.

Phil Rozek

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Jul 26, 2012
@KevinWag, what Joy said. Hiding or showing the address doesn't seem to matter. Your rankings come down to other factors.

But if you want to experiment, the chances are slim to none you will run into problems with Google. These days, Google seems not to care whether you hide or show your address. Unlike 5-6 years ago, now Google won't whisk you off the map if you "get it wrong." At most, Google may make auto-updates to your GMB page - which you can override.
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