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Oct 23, 2017
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I got a call today from "FDS Listings" out of Florida.

It was a robocall scheme where they call you, tell you your listing is unverified and try to get you to pay to "verify" it.

I couldn't find the actual company, but I found the job posting- CALL NOW START TODAY!!!

They wouldn't tell me their actual name unless I signed up. All I got out of the guy was that "FDS" was an abbreviation.

Super shady side of our industry. It's definitely interesting to me.

You guys have any notable stories/encounters with these types of companies?
Every small business I talk to complains about these types of calls.

I too have wanted to gather stories and information. I'd love to put together a helpful article/resource for small businesses to refer too when handling these calls. Maybe a series of questions to ask or something.

One client forwarded me such a call and the woman said her company name was IBL. When I asked what that stood for she said 'Internet Business Listings'.

If that isn't the most generic name ever. Good cover though, because try searching online for a business with that name!
I hope that Google actually does something with the reports.
These companies have evolved past Google's reporting system.

For example, FDS Listings' employees are instructed to not provide information about the business unless a customer actually signs up. This means to report the company and provide Google with the correct information, you'd have to sign up for the service.

Further, if Google does anything about the company at all, this company can just close up shop and pop up as another entity at a different point in time.

It is likely meaningful action can only be taken if a state Attorney General does something about it via a lawsuit.

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