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Jun 28, 2012
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Here is a super cool post from Andrew Shotland about a great way to use his free citation research tool - NAP Hunter.

<a href="">How To Find The Source of An Auto-Generated Google My Business Page in 30 Seconds</a>
Local SEO Guide (Just a snippet - so click the link to read full post.)

A dentist called me a few minutes ago with a request to help get rid of a Google My Business page that had been automatically created by Google. The page was for his nephew who had considered joining the practice but never did. Somehow Google got hold of his data and created the page. It will be easy enough to get Google to shut the page down via GMB support and I could quickly check the main data aggregators, but I wanted to make sure we also nipped this problem at all possible sources of the data. But how to find them?

This is where our free Local SEO productivity tool, NAP Hunter, comes in:

Then later Andrew added in comments: "My fave use is when I get a prospect. Within a few seconds I can quickly surface some nasty NAP stuff."

Cool stuff. Thanks Andrew!
Great tool Linda. Started using it today! Some good options in there to control what terms you use to search


Hats off to Andrew and the team he worked with to create this tool. I use it all the time and it's been such a major time save. I had a client who was PO'ed that they weren't ranking well locally... I used this tool and in 30 seconds I was able to find all the mixed up phone numbers and bad addresses, changed business names... crazy stuff.

exported that to excel and... bam - hard evidence to let the client know how inconsistent their NAP info really was. I definitely recommend everyone check this tool out.

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