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Jun 28, 2017
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Hello friends,

Back in July I posted that edits were getting approved faster. Well now I see the opposite trend and I would love to hear your comment.

Does the same happening to you?

I'm a level 5 local guide. Everytime I spot a keyword stuffed name in my city I suggest an edit. Therefore, my profile is used primarily for edits and quick answers.

It's been 2 months and all my edits are pending or for some reason they are not applied.

Do you think it is normal or my profile is somehow penalised for editing too much?

If I'm in the 'black list' how do I retrieve my trustworthiness?

Many Thanks.
Hi Nikos,

I am not experiencing the same thing.

It comes down to the individual profile that is making the edits/reports.

I really don't know exactly how Google determines if one profile is more trust worthy than others but my guess is that it comes down to:

- Does your edit history have a high approval %
- What types of edits are you making? (road edits, business edits...etc)
- Do edits you make get reverted by the business owner often?

Continue to make edits that you know are correct. It can help to have other users make the same edit as well. This can push it to approval faster and ultimately bump your trust up.
If you're not seeing them publish you can post a few of them on the Google My Business forum and ask someone to escalate them for you.

Having Google confirm your edits should actually help your trust increase.

Sometimes edits are getting reverted back because the owner adds the keywords back.
I used to have a very high approval rate but after failing to report properly a spam network I think I'm somehow devalued and I really not like this.


I am not a fan of GMB forums. Last time I reported a network nobody answered. I feel it is a gamble if you get a reply or not. Maybe I try again but still do not expect too much.

The ranking/trust system in local guides is a mystery for me. I have various examples to prove that.

Example 1: You suggest an edit in a spammy business name. Your edit gets approved. The owner reverts the name. You resubmit the same change and your change is either pending for months or gets disapproved. Insane.

Example 2: You suggest an edit and it becomes immediately approved (maybe they had history from others?).

Example 3: You trace a spam network with multiple listings in different addresses. You do not know how to take action. Should you change the name? Report it as a spam? Report it as duplicate? As never existed? Your edit gets disapproved (who knows why maybe I do not choose the right action). Then you're done, everytime you try touching any of their hundreds of spammy listings your edits are not applied. Forever.

Hi Niko's, Joy's suggestion about posting over at the GMB forum is a great one and one that I totally overlooked in my response. There is definitely a backlog of issues over at the GMB so we're constantly in a state of catch-up. But the TCs as well as the Google staff that we work with are doing a much better job these days with Spam all around. I would definitely recommend to continue using it as a resource in the future. When was the last time you posted over there when you experienced the non-response?

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Also you can report spam directly to Google My Business on Twitter or Facebook if you didn't get a reply on the forum. Like Colan mentioned, we're a little backlogged over there.

If you really want to increase your trust profile you should look at connecting with other Local Guides so you can review edits. I started doing this years ago which is part of why I have so much success with edits on Google Maps.

Since MapMaker doesn't exist anymore you would do this via Check the Facts on Google Maps.
Hey Colan,

In April I posted last time but no luck.


I've used Twitter for merging GMB accounts - was not aware that I can report the spam over there, good tip.

This info about local guides reviewing I'm not sure I get it. I know there is a website where local guides have discussions. I will utilise this.

Yes, I frequently use check the facts on Google Maps, but it seems it does not pay off.
Back in the day, people would post review requests on the MapMaker forum. Since this doesn't exist anymore you could try posting some on the Google My Business forum.

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