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Sep 20, 2019
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Hello All,

Today I stumbled upon something weird. Attached is the image of what the name of the business is when entered into GMB directly. The second image is an english browser where Google is adding "Vice Versa Chateauquay" which is the old name. The 3rd image is when I use a French browser, the name shows just fine without the old name. I'm curious has anybody seen this before and know a way to fix or if this is a feature?

GMB Name.png

French Browser.png

New Name.png
Hi @klharris08, yes I see it all the time when searching in different languages, from different countries and different browser configurations. As far as I know, it is related to the variations in language of a business name.

Screenshot 2021-02-11 at 08.43.17.png

You can suggest or edit the business name by clicking on the "suggest edit" feature in the Knowledge Panel or on Google Maps, select "change name or other details" and you should see the screen below. You can then add your business name in different languages (that are spoken where your business is located).


I just checked your business and this option is not available. Hopefully, someone can provide more info, I'll be interested to know too!

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