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Jan 29, 2019
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My client's business name changed so when I updated the GMB profile/listing business name the old GMB listing/profile still appeared on my dashboard, but as "information required".

Does anyone know what the ramifications are for a GMB profile/listing selected as permanently closed vs. remove location? I a bit wary of selecting remove location - what if that means I will no longer see it on my GMB dashboard (e.g. no way to recover the profile/listing)? Also I don't see a way to delete a GMB profile/listing. Does this need to be done directly with GMB support team?
Hi @dookie "Remove Location" removes the listing from the GMB dashboard. "Permanently Closed" marks the listing closed but keeps it in the dashboard.

I wanted to clarify: All you did was edit the business name and nothing happened (the old name still showed) and the "information required" label appeared?

Or do you now have two listings in the dashboard? One with the updated name and one with the "information required" label?
Thanks @Colan Nielsen. That's a very interesting question! I have access to the listing as 3 different GMB users. Under the primary owner dashboard, which is where I updated the business name - it seemed that the information got updated. However, as a user in the other 2 GMB accounts it appears with the un-updated business name and status as "information required".

Does this mean that when we make such an update - we'd have to re-add users to manage the listing (under the new business name)?
Hey @dookie that sounds odd. There could be some issues with the other user accounts. I have seen that be an issue on several occasions lately. If the primary account has proper access to the correct listing with the updated info I would consider removing the users and re-adding if you need them to be a user still.

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