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Sep 5, 2016
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Google has updated GMB so if you want to have book on google / Reserve with Google available for your location for your restaurant/beauty salon ( for example) you need to select a more niche restaurant category, you cannot simply choose 'restaurant' any more as it is no longer available, instead you will need to choose something like 'seafood restaurant' or 'fine dining restaurant'.

I am seeing this for a few of my clients so far not many yet tho
Interesting. I don't have any listings to test this on but will ask around to see if anyone else can confirm.
@krystaltaing Well yes this is also true but I would expect the API to be updated on a regular bases

however I was more meaning that if you implement or your location gets the capability of book on google, you are ask to change the category if it is just restaurant

Still only seeing this for a few restaurants so feel this still might be being tested, still more common with brand new openings

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