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Aug 17, 2022
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Can you any one help me in reinstating my google business listing? I have sent reinstatement form and have been waiting for 2 weeks, no luck as of now.
Following are the details:-

Case ID:- 8-5127000032894
Form Reinstatement submission date:- Aug 01,2022
Business Name: Korner Burger Co.
Address : 11020 Harlem Road # 100 Richmond TX 77406
Dashboard URL: Update your browser to manage your Business Profile - Google Business Profile Help
Business website:- Korner Burger Co.
Business Facebook : Korner Burger Co.
Business Instagram:- Login • Instagram

In addition, I have also put my question in Google community forum as below link:-

I have sent the above information to google, no response .Not sure what else I need to do here. . In addition, I have also sent the store pics ( interior and exterior), County License , Sales Tax certificates.
Can any one help here?

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Hello Experts

I got the following reply from Google yesterday. I have replied back yesterday that I cannot verify if my business has been suspended and I do not get any option of verification method. I got the same reply back from google again today.
Not sure what should be the next step as listing is showing as suspended with this message "This location has been suspended due to quality issues." and no verification options showing.

Please advise..



Thank you for contacting the Google Business Profile team.

Your Business Profile appears to be functioning correctly. However, it appears that you have not yet completed the verification process.

In order for the profile to go live you will need to verify it. Learn how to verify your business on Google..

Once the profile is live again it may take a few days for it to start appearing on Google. You can check to see if your profile is showing by going to Google Search and typing in your business name and address.

Feel free to update your business information as necessary through the "Edit Profile" option in your dashboard to ensure the data is correct and up-to-date. In order to ensure that your business information does not get removed again, be sure to always follow our policies and guidelines for representing your business on Google.

If you have any further questions please consult the Google Business Profile Help Center.


Google Business Profile Support

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