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I removed both profiles and the only thing left is the one that was merged with the competitor. Thanks for your support.

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Please follow keyserholiday's instructions. The next steps are:

You need to then update the address for the original duplicate bp to your address and clear it. Then you can contact support and ask them to unmerge your BP and merge the two other BP if this is in fact your address.
Rich, I'm confused. I removed the other two listings as instructed. They no longer exist. The remaining (original that is merged) has no specific adress because it's not a brick and mortar business. Are you saying that I should list my home office address as the location? Thanks for clarifying.
Yes, enter your address and click Apply. @keyserholiday can she then click Clear immediately, or does she need to wait for Google to accept the change first?
When the problem started happening. I changed the address to my home office. It did not help the problem. A few days ago I changed it to no address with just a general location because it’s brick and mortar. It seems to me that no matter what I do Google wants to contact the competitor even though it says in the backend we are the owner. I’m going to wait to hear from you guys before I do the next step. We have even tried befriending the managers at the grocery store to get the postcard which never came.

I just logged in and clicked Manage Profile on the top right. See attached. Is that relevant? The answer would be - No. Is that correct? BTW I am the manager and can get access to the primary owner account. Only one problem can't get verified. Remove or report duplicate locations - Google My Business Help

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I am wondering about this message too. Can we claim our business today? Do I need to log in as the primary owner to "claim" our business today?

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Thanks, I am at a loss about what to do. Back at stuck with unjust, unfair, and unresolved issues with Google.
@keyserholiday holiday and @Rich Owings Owens Should I follow these steps? The newest change is I have made the listing a service-area business. However, It tends to ignore changes and still contacts the competitor. I expect that to happen.

To verify a service-area business
  1. Choose whether to begin the verification process now or later:
    • To start the verification process immediately: Enter your business mailing address. This address doesn’t appear externally to your customers and is only used for verification.
    • To start the verification process later: Select Verify later.
  2. If you select Verify later, you must return to your account to complete your business verification.

@keyserholiday and @Rich Owings I've started a new Google My Business query [2-3808000031723] I appreciate your help with this matter. Seems like it's less messy. There is only one GMB page and we have the correct address for our listing, operating in the general area and not at the grocery store where we meet our passengers. I hope Google can do the right thing and fix this mess. I want our company to have a fair advantage. So far they said, "I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I'm routing your query to a specialist on another team who is best equipped to address your question. You should hear from them soon." Time will tell. I will post as things develop.

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