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Feb 23, 2015
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I have just noticed the local my business listings totally change for web design related keywords - sites that where never there have appeared and sites that where always there have vanished.. Seems something must be up. Some of the other related business searches seem the same.

any ideas?
Hi Michael,

There is an ongoing algorithm update that seems to only be organic but it very well could be impacting local results as well - Not Panda: Google Confirms Another Core Search Algorithm Update

I have seen several positive local ranking changes for our clients in the last week so I have a feeling it is impacting the local results too.
Yep Colan is right. Plus occasionally a new local update hits UK before it hits here.

I just checked 2 of the packs I watch. 1 was normal.

The other is: "los angeles personal injury attorney".

Very weird. It's usually a 7 pack and should be, due to volume of attys in LA.

Its a ONE-BOX and also Wilshire Law's Rancho Cucamonga listing. 25 miles OUT OF LA.

Weird - then I realized I should double check with location set. Changed to LA.

Then got a weird 3 pack.
Wilshire Law's Long Beach office
Farar & Lewis LA office (they are usually in the A spot)
Farar Law P.C. Long Beach
Guys, one of the local listings I study, has just been wiped clean. I'd say most of the businesses that where there have been removed. Most of these where also strong organically.

It's now showing a 7 pack, more so than a 3 pack.

Looks like they have rewarded sites with no reviews, the default profile and cover photo and little descriptions. Absolute mess.

The organic listings look pretty much the same to me.
If it's web design then those results have always bee spotty and sometimes there is no pack at all.

Can you share the exact query?

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