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Nov 13, 2014
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A few months ago while doing an experiment on voice command driving directions, we discovered that Google stopped showing our address in the Knowledge Graph. Google is now only showing our city and state. We have spoken to Google Local reps on the phone multiple times and they told us that given the photos on our Google MyBusiness listing and our street view photos (which are 9 years old), they assumed we were a home based business - which we are not.

During the initial conversation, they suggested that we add updated photos and have a Google Certified 360 photographer come and take photos, which we did. Those photos have been uploaded and still, our address doesn't show.

I spoke to someone at Google this week and all that they could tell us was that it was a technical issue that they were working on. Does anyone here have any tips or advice? Has anyone here gone through a similar situation? Thanks!

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I've never heard of Google hiding the address unless the Google My Business dashboard has it hidden. Do you have the box checked stating your customers come to your location?
That is the way it should be. I checked your website and your address looks like it is a home address. Google will not show the address when you've selected a service area and hidden the address from showing on the maps (per the guidelines).

This one is tough because it looks like you're technically in a residential neighborhood. How is the land zoned? This is kind of a big deal because if it's zoned for residential, and you actually live at this house... then its a home address regardless if you made that your business location as well.

This is a very odd situation. I feel like allowing this on the maps could open the door for anyone to do this with their house and call it their business location. Any data sources other than citations you've built all reference this as a single family home.

Technically, I think Google will consider this a home address. That being the case, you will need to hide the address from the maps.

I'm not sure what else to do about this.
@Joy - As you can see in the image below, the we are not setup to hide our address.

GMB Address SS 062617.jpg

@Eric - Our address has always showed in the Knowledge Graph until about 4 months ago. We have confirmed with the town that our address is zoned for light industrial. Additionally, there is another business, Allied Tool and Machine Co. Inc, located down the street at 115 Corum Street.

We have done everything that anyone that I can speak to at Google has asked us to do (updating our signage making it more visible from the road, having a Google-verified photographer come and take new 360 photos of the exterior of the business). If they think we're a home-based business, why don't they just tell us? Why instead tell us that it's a "technical issue" - an issue that they haven't been able to fix for four months?

GMB Address SS 062617.jpg
I'm seeing your address in the knowledge panel. Did the issue get resolved?
ADdress Showing.jpg

ADdress Showing.jpg
@Joy - It appears that it has been fixed. I wish I knew what exactly happened but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth! Thanks for the help!

BTW, I grew up in Lynchburg, VA about 10 minutes from Liberty University. I have a lot of friends who went there It really IS a small world!

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