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Sep 25, 2018
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This is pretty anecdotal, but in the past few days I've noticed an increase in twin & triplet Google results.

For example, when I search 'black friday deals' the first 3 organic results I get are all from the same website. I'll add that this website is pretty good at what it does and has solid information. But this just isn't a good user experience.


I would have expected this type of result in 2006 when exact & broad match keywords were what SEO was all about.

IMO Google is still in the middle of major tests and i'd venture to guess that we still have a long way to go until we see SERP stability.
Funny, it's a lot better in Canada (where Black Friday is NOT as big of a deal since our Thanksgiving is in October).

I'm actually really impressed with Walmart's title tag.

black friday canada.png
I've been doing more research and am continually getting similar/worse results.
My most recent research is showing that 10/11 non-video results are coming from 3 websites.

Earlier today I was also seeing the first 4 organic results from the same website:

I can't say i've ever seen this for non-branded queries. Like I mentioned in the original post this just isn't a good user experience and I have to assume that Google is either testing something and/or will be updating their algo soon.

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