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Apr 23, 2013
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I posted this in the Yext forum, but I guess it has to be approved by the sub forum mod... maybe not the best place to post under a sponsored sub forum.

Anywho, just interested in chatting with you guys about it, not so much a yext rep.

Has Yext gotten slower lately, or is it normal for the lower quality directories to take more than a week to be active these days? Seems slow to me, just wondering if others are experiencing the same since it used to be lighting fast.

It also looks like there's a new workaround for Yelp sales reps as well... When you add a new client location in the Yext portal now, Yelp doesn't activate your listing without calling to "verify the service area." (i.e. - call the client 4 times per day to hassle them about signing up for the paid service)

The only reason I ever used Yext was to avoid that. Anyone else having similar experiences as of late?



Sorry for not getting back sooner to you (I was traveling). We shouldn't be slower for any reason and I am forwarding to our service team immediately and they will reach out to address this.

On the Yelp issue, I will also look into this and might need to discuss more detail with you so i have the facts.

Thanks again!

Christian Ward
EVP, Partnerships
I second this. None of our listings were being pushed to Yelp, until we called them and they said that Yelp "wasnt activated with your account but we just activated it and it should be good now". Cool, sync complete.

Now all of my clients that we've pushed through Yext are getting solicitation calls from Yelp.
Same here regarding Yelp. Given they just put themselves up for sale it's obvious they are making a huge revenue push. And that means harassing businesses. Not sure if there's any way around it though. Whether you create the listing via Yext or directly on Yelp, they will hound you.

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