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Dec 2, 2013
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Hi Guys!

I'm all new to this as I usually just sit back and spectate, but I have had this problem regarding a Google Local rank and its starting to bug me now so I thought the best thing to do is get a second opinion.

To summarise, I started some Local SEO work for a company called Davidson Estates over 12 months ago and it looked like an easy win *big mistake*

After completing all the basics (citation clean ups) there was still no improvement for the local rank. It has never had a previous address or different phone numbers, only different names:

- davidson estates *correct & current name
- davidson estates ltd
- wmp group

Now the key term he wishes to rank for is Estate Agent/Letting Agent in Edgbaston. Now this is a very small area in Birmingham, UK with not much competition but he is ranked about 50ish. The funny side to this is that other companies who are not letting agents are ranking above him in the local results.

I think I have covered all the basics! I would extremely appreciate any feedback on this as its really starting to pick at my brain now. Thanks guys
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Hi Ryan,

Your post was buried in another thread about a different topic: "Hack to Check for Google Local Penalties".

I moved it to a new thread in the "help & support" section since it's about a specific client.

Hopefully some of our members will pop by to give you some advice soon.
Hi Ryan,

We work with a number of real estate agents in Canada and have always set up the GMB page as a Service Area Business. I noticed that Davidson Estates doesn't have a service area set up that I can see. This may be part of the issue.

I also noticed when looking at the different names you mentioned that there are alot of different phone numbers being used:
0121 396 0726
0121 396 0326
0121 738 2031
0121 659 0194

This is probably not helping your cause to un-confuse Google! A citation clean-up campaign may go a long way for this one.
Thanks HurricaneK8,

Here in the Uk, most estate agents don't seem to use the service area option so I don't think this is major factor but is definitely something worth having a look at.

I am trying my best to fully complete the citation clean up but the process seems to last forever.
Citation cleanup is a "forever" process! It is an ongoing effort. We had one client who we thought we had cleaned up, but sometimes aggregators have old information and post it AGAIN on the internet. Then you get duplicate listings, in addition to bad information. We ended up, after a 3 month investigation, finding out the company was listed in the phonebook 3 times with 3 different variations of NAP!!!:mad: They were only being charged for the 1 correct listing, but the phonebook had not removed the other 2 previous address & previous name listings....


Googles quality guidelines state
If your business serves customers at their locations, you should list it as a service area business on Google.

You additionally have the option to indicate I serve customers at my business address. You should only select this option if you want your complete address to display on Google and if your business location is staffed and able to receive customers during its stated hours.

So I've always interpreted this for real estate agents as the "safest" way to go. Service area + business address showing (assuming they're in an office building, which your client is).

Hope that helps :) Cheers!
After completing all the basics (citation clean ups) there was still no improvement for the local rank. It has never had a previous address or different phone numbers, only different names:

On the site it says:

Davidon Estates celebrates success in style

Posted by Ben Davidson 21.04.2013

In May we will be hosting a party in Birmingham city centre to celebrate our recent successes, which include moving offices and investing in a rebrand.

Sorry don't have time to do a deep dive just noticed that and wanted to share.

Also I can't tell on maps, but is that a commercial office or does he work from home?
Thanks for that Linda!

They did have an old address, but they completely scrapped everything: new business name, new website, new phone numbers.. so it was pretty much starting from scratch.

& yes it is a commercial office.

Really appreciate all the help

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