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Nov 20, 2014
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Hey Guys,

Curious about what the consensus on this is

In terms of breaking down pages, particularly for commercial roofing, there are keyword groups for all of the following but im wondering if it really warrants dedicated pages for each

For example

Commercial Roofing Contractor

Commercial Roof Installation
Commercial Roof Replacement
Commercial Roof Repair

But from that there is also keyword volume for things like

Flat Roofing contactor

Flat Roof Installation
Flat Roof Replacement
Flat Roof Repair

Metal Roof Contractor

Metal Roof Installation
Metal Roof Replacement
Metal Roof Repair

You can even go more granular than that with things like metal roofing and go with steel roof contractor etc

So I want to know how granular you would go and if you combine installation, replacement and repair keyword groups into one page and at what point you start to combine keywords into one page or is it best to create dedicated content for all keyword variations i.e

Contractor (top level)


Hope that makes sense

If flat and metal roofs are a big part of what you or your client does then I would certainly create content for that query.

Where the business is located may factor in. At least here in the US, flat roofs are popular in places like New Mexico so just because the search volume is showing a decent number, is it something the business specializes in?
You're keen to ask this question out loud. Our agency works exclusively in one industry, and yet we continue to ask & answer this question differently depending on the nature of each business service offering & market.

Does thinking about how the majority of people shop/search for the end product (or how you want them to shop/search) help you to identify a page structure?

For instance, if folks shop by both service & material/system type, then perhaps your main navigation contains:
- HOME (with "Commercial Roofing Contractor" as the main keyword; Flat/Metal/Steel Contractor mini sections & links; Installation/Replacement/Repair mini sections & links)
- SERVICES (with Installation, Replacement, Repair subcategories--delivered as either paragraphs on one page or pages, depending on the content volume)
- SYSTEMS (with Metal, Flat, Steel subcategories--delivered as either paragraphs or pages, depending on the content volume)

As xds40 mentioned, considering geography could also prove useful--not only from an offering POV, but also to beg the question or whether or not to create pages for particular geographies (perhaps landing in the footer to keep the main navigation simpler).

Once you've determined the structure you think is best, then you might also hunt down other roofing sites outside your client's direct competition to see examples of how different companies are structuring things. Seeing the different options in real life can oftentimes pull you into a lane that you can give your own spin.

Something to note: Yoast offers a training course as well as a free guide on the topic. (Their advice on related keywords feels relevant here, too.)

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