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Oct 29, 2014
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So occasionally I run an audit through Moz, just to see if inconsistencies are popping up or God-forbid duplicates.

One site that I have always worried about was "Best of the Web". Moz always points to my inefficiencies with BOTW. So naturally I stroll over to them and they are wanting $150 for website exposure or $200 for website and the local listing.

Some clients I am working for peanuts and others for creme brulee. For those on the low end, $200 would be eating into my profits because I have already factored in some paid services. Doing BOTW would be at a personal loss, so the question is: is this citation worth the boost in ranking for that cost?

Im finding it hard to believe. I much rather take that $200 and let Whitespark go crazy with it, am I wrong? Is BOTW really that important to Google versus 66 citations?
If that is the only citation that is wrong, you will be okay :) I haven't seen any cases where that directory made a massive impact. In fact I kind of forget about it these days!
If that is the only citation that is wrong
Luckily its not "wrong," the businesses are just non-existent on BOTW. If there was something wrong on BOTW I would be flippin out. :D :D

Thanks for the assurance. I just dont know to why Moz weighs BOTW more than any other 3rd party site.
I was intrigued by the question, if only because botw is an old directory. It had good support years ago and was highly touted. Was it important and vital?

There are more ways to check directories and their strength than using MOZ's DA and PA analyses. I like the "values" MOZ applies, but remember, they are MOZ's analysis and not Google's. Google is what counts.

Try this: Think of a category of businesses (a vertical) and apply this test: search in google for vertical. Whatever that vertical is.

Find some smb's listed in botw. Then search on the business name with parentheses around the name. See where botw ranks for the business reference. Does it rank highly or lower? Are there directories ranked above it? Those are the directories to which I'd submit. Which other directories charge? $200 for one directory is a lot. You can get a lot of directory pop for $200 using an outside service or doing it yourself.

That is a longish answer, whereas Joy above gave a quick answer with what you'll probably find to be the same answer.

In my experience you can find a lot of directory bang for $200 far greater and more valuable than botw. And I'm saying that after applying that test today.

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