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Apr 10, 2022
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I am very curious how many citations should i be going after for a local Appliance Repair Company? Big city about 3.5m and has a decent amount of competition but all the companies dont really have amazing websites by any means and most are ranking on the GMB map pack somehow it blows my mind.... any help is appreciated!
@thebizguy, beyond the 15-20 sites that have some discernible importance, I wouldn't bother building more. One's rankings don't come down to citation count. The only caveat: if you know of or run across a directory that's very prominent in your industry, in your area, or both, then it's usually worth creating a listing there. Often one of those can be a non-Google source of visibility, or you get a link that's not a nofollow, or it's a place to get reviews, or it happens to show up when people search for your business by name.

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