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Jun 28, 2012
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1. To add or change your custom avatar:


Click on your member name, right side of the navigation bar. This reveals your dropdown menu:

account details.png

Click on Account details to open this menu:


Click the image to upload a new avatar.

Click the Save button:


2. To change your member name, send a request me or to one of the other administrator via a Conversation or PM:

Members in good standing can now do this themselves - no need to involve an administrator. See next post below.

Thanks for helping that member for me David. Smart to have the instructions so we can just give folks a link that explains.

As always, you rock!
With the update to Xenforo 2.2, members in good standing can now change their member names themselves without having to make a request to an administrator.

First click on your member name in the right side of the top navigation bar to get to the drop-down menu:

Member account member dropdown menu.png

Then click on Account details which will take you to this page:

change member name or active email.png

Click on "Change" to change your name (or other account details like email and avatar).

Note that the name change will go into the approval queue before becoming official.

This is a default measure to guard against inappropriate member names or spam names. As soon as I or another Administrator sees the request, it will normally be approved (less than 24 hours; usually within an hour or two).

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