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Nov 21, 2013
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Hi everyone. We own hundred of branches and all our listings are verified, and we control them all internally instead of giving them out to the branches. However, some branches have clicked on the 'manage this page' button and we have lost control of the page e.g. we cannot respond to reviews but they are still appearing on our dashboard. Some branches have even claimed their page and upgraded to a Google+ social page. How do we claim these back so we can control them and is there anyway to downgrade back to Google+ Local?

Any help appreciated! Thanks!:eek:
You do not want to have a listing "claimed" on two accounts!

AFAIK, once a listing is claimed, you cannot "claim it back". Depending on which dashboard the listings have, you may be able transfer ownership and have multiple page managers.

Google local is touchy right now, so ensuring branches know clearly they should not be "helping" with their listings will reduce headaches.

Given the volume of pages you're talking about here, you might be safest to hire an expert to work with you (there are quite a few here). That way you can divulge information about your business, the links, the locations etc that you might not want to do in public. That expert would also make recommendations about minimising risks associated with managing this many branches.
Margaret is right. Having listings claimed in more than one dash can cause all kinds of problems in addition to not being able to respond to reviews. PLUS it's a violation.

My guess is you have a variety of situations with these listings in various stages with some dual claimed and some upgraded to G+.

"How do we claim these back so we can control them"

You can't. Not easily anyway. You need to get them to REMOVE FROM THEIR ACCOUNT (do not delete from maps, just delete from account.)

But even that simple advice gets SUPER complicated because instructions for how to do it and where to do it depends on which dash they are in (there are 3 right now). And some may need to do a double step. Way too hard to explain.

"and is there anyway to downgrade back to Google+ Local?"

Google has been advising NOT to manually merge with G+. The ones that already have, there are 2 ways they could have done it. One way the G+ page can be deleted and you would be back to Place pages. But the other way if you delete the G+ page it will wipe everything out including the Place page.

This is wayyyy too complicated to even explain here since we don't know what all the different scenarios are. And an account is this big is way too important to expect generic advice in a forum to help. Honestly any advice you get here is just a poke in the dark.

Couple your situation with the fact that we are in the middle of several Google updates with things changing sometimes daily as far as what you should do or even how to do it and you really need help.

As Margaret said you need an expert who can dig into all this and help you sort it out. Trust me when I say a couple wrong moves could tangle up this chain way more than it already is.

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