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Mar 15, 2016
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How To Sell Online Review Management To Enterprises and Franchises


It's a nightmare.

Selling review management to large enterprises and franchises is an unbelievably difficult ordeal when you don't know what you're doing. It's difficult even when you know what you're doing and the bad news is, it's only going to get worse.


Because the enterprise, franchises – they're always changing. It's a neverending cycle of change. These changes work against you constantly, making it difficult for you to achieve the result you want.

The enterprise, franchise - they're overwhelmed

The enterprise is expected to keep growing. Restructuring and reorganizing means their workforce is exhausted, overworked and completely stressed out. They're resistant to change, but change keeps coming.

The pressure to perform is constant.

Overworked decision makers are expected to stay on top of new technology and continually educate themselves about changes in the market. They're fighting to control their time, to minimize interruption, while they run from one crisis to another.

They're failing.

It's a constant battle for market share at their company as competitors and copycats fight them for control. Their customers are skeptical they can maintain a dominant position in the marketplace. Corporate buyers are expected to do more with less – less time and less resources.

The sales environment you'll have to work with...

Is a disaster.

The enterprise is under a daily barrage of marketing. Thousands of salespeople begging, clamoring for their time and attention. The enterprise is immune.

Decision makers continue to hide.

The combination of gatekeepers, technology and disagreeableness keeps unsophisticated sellers at bay. They're desperate for help and eager for support from the right professional. But that's always been rare.

The vast majority of salespeople are self-serving and needy.

They're not focused on the needs of the enterprise or franchise. They're focused on one thing and one thing only. Getting the biggest commission check they can. Many of these sellers, if given the chance, will beg, bully or manipulate their way into a sale. These sellers ruin it for the rest of us. Because of them it's harder to...

  • Identify decision makers
  • Get overworked decision makers to meet with you
  • Differentiate your business (since many sellers are willing to lie to get what they want)
  • Deliver overwhelming value to decision makers in client meetings

It sounds hopeless, impossible even. But it's absolutely doable with the right approach.

Franchises, the enterprise, they want the same things you do

They want you to deliver value, immediately and consistently. They don't want to be your friend, they expect you to know about their business and above all they don't want you to waste their time.

If you're looking to sell online review management to a large business you'll need to change your approach. Decision makers expect you to know their business inside and out. Their customers, competitors, desires, fears, frustrations, goals, industry. They expect you to know all of it, forwards and backwards, before you initiate contact.

That's the starting point.

It requires a significant amount of upfront work. Fail to do that and you destroy your credibility.

Just one problem.

You're not an insider. You don't work for these companies so you won't have the same amount of depth and detail they do.

That's okay.

The upfront research you do is your audition. It's a simple way for you to convey status, ability and competence. It shows decision makers you're invested, knowledgeable and willing to do the work. What else are they looking for?

Let's say you've earned a meeting.

Decision makers want to see (a.) Your focus is on making a difference, for them, the team for their department (b.) You're focused on creating tangible value and (c.) you have deep knowledge and expertise in your subject areas. Here's the thing though, you don't have a meeting. You don't even have an account entry plan.

Where do you start?

Read the rest of Andrew's post here. He goes on to provide a 5 step plan for researching and pitching enterprise and franchise clients. Landing the big whale is what helps any agencies keep the lights on.

What are some of the challenges or rewards of working on Online Review Management for enterprises and franchises that you've encountered?

(Posted this blog today, because I will be out of the office tomorrow)

Thanks Garrett, can't wait to click over and read the rest!

I'll wait and Tweet tomorrow when more folks are online. Think many are away and traveling today with the kids out of school.

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