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Hey all

I was following the post here (Images That Will Cause Your Google Posts to Fail and Filter Your Google Posts - Local Search Forum) and looking at the issues with rejected posts on the GMB community with interest - I hope this gets fixed soon!

I have had issues with posts being rejected - not necessarily because of images - sometimes the rejection is triggered when I add a URL.

Today I added a Google post, it was immediately marked as rejected. I didn't change anything, but checked the SERP and saw that it had been published:


I know that people are suggesting workarounds (re-post if it gets rejected, change the image name etc etc) but essentially rather than gaming the system with workarounds I just want posts to work, and for the user interface in GMB to not be so borked. I guess I can dream! 😭

Anyone else seeing any other weird patterns with issues with Google posts? Anyone else seeing them as published when they are marked as rejected in the dash?

I mentioned this work around last week on Twitter thread but I kept on forgetting to record it.

Finally remembered :)


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@timcapper Thanks for sharing that.. assuming the un-rejected Post is actually showing on the public side as well?
Hi Stefan, no - no stock images used for any clients. I think the issues extend beyond problems with photos only. It seems so broken!
I have a stock photo but only one of my 180 locations with same post is rejected. all have the same stock photo. weird eh?
Back to using Google's Vision AI tool to scan images first. I am working with @Amy Toman on this, what was/is really a "benign" stock image of a lady sat on a bed with her back to us brings back so many negative "web entities", it's actually quite sad to see.
So, be mindful where these "stock images" may have been used in the past.
Just when I thought things had settled down, this image was rejected today. For a law firm, and the post was about personal injury. I expect the issue was the amount of skin shown, especially since the image I substituted was very similar, but one leg had a cast and not a boot.

Also, the same image, in black and white, was accepted on another listing within 20 minutes of this rejection.

I really think the AI used here is flawed.

Safe Search - Silverman.png

Web entities - Silverman.png
Have you posted with links in the description before, I thought links were not allowed. Test posting without links....and phone number 🧐

Remove's a little ott :)

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