Apr 7, 2019
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Just wondering what people are using as a best software tool to get owner contact info for local businesses like the ones that come up on google places.

there seems to be a huge gap - plenty of software that scrapes "places" info and even public-facing emails like info@, but cant find any good tools that reliably mine data 1 level down to grab owner name/email.

All I seem to run across are all the LinkedIn based lead gen tools. Places Scout, for example, seems incredibly powerful, and thats great as a comprehensive lead gen solution, but the pricing is just out of range when all Im seeking is contact name and email (I have the foundational/business raw data already)..

Any suggestions or recommendations?


Dec 28, 2018
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That's actually more a matter of where you're mining, not the tool you're using.

If that's for prospection, getting the contact of the right person will be pretty hard. Be it the decision maker or someone close enough to him in the decision chain or who cares enough about your offer to the point they'll point it to their superior.

Of course you could do a bit of Scrapebox email scraping on millions of websites but they won't be targeted.

Contact harvesting is just like advertising in regular marketing.

If you offer the right solution to the right person at the right moment, you win.

Knowing your target allows you to aim for a much smaller but incredibly more qualified audience. It will then make it much less painful to search for the right leads.

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