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Great questions. Does anyone have an answer to it?
I'm curious how helpful it will be to people who are fairly up to speed on GMB. I'm also wondering if there will be original research presented. I've only been to one (Williamsburg, VA) but that was the best part for me.
Hi @Jeffrey & @Rich Owings

Great questions. Does anyone have an answer to it?

We are still working on the agenda - but we do have plans to ask at least 2 speakers to present some original research.

Our goal with this event is to really dig deep into tips, tactics, and strategies within GMB - so that even those that have a pretty good working knowledge of the platform and really dive deep into the nuances of everything that works within GMB or affects GMB.

An example would be something like using posts - we want to show what words work best, what type of post converts most, the best way to track those conversions, images that increase click-through vs those that encourage calls, etc.
I'll share this since people have been wondering about the agenda. My topic is finalized. I'm going to be doing round 2 of "What Really Affects Local Rankings". This is going to be a gameshow style presentation (with a winner at the end) just like version 1 that I did this year in Santa Monica. The presentation will have completely different questions than my one this year. For those that missed the Santa Monica one, here are some of the questions that I included in the last one:

  1. Does getting a suspension impact ranking?
  2. Does moving your business result in a decrease in ranking?
  3. Does adding a new GMB category result in an increase in ranking for related search terms?
  4. Does optimizing for "near me" terms work?
  5. Does upvoting a review cause it to appear higher in the Knowledge Panel?
  6. Does the content in Q&A impact ranking?
  7. Does Google manually removing reviews for guideline violations result in a decrease in ranking?
  8. Does not renewing data aggregator subscriptions result in a decrease in ranking?
  9. How much does keyword stuffing your business name in GMB help ranking?
  10. Does adding keywords to the menu in GMB influence ranking?

I've already published the answers to all those in my training as well earlier this year. I'll be releasing each one as an article on the Sterling Sky blog in the coming months as well (sent out in our newsletter).

I'm still finalizing the list of questions to include in the one coming up in March so I'll try and post a few more teasers here before the event :) If you have anything you think I should definitely include, please let me know.
I'm wondering if anyone is considering the impact of the Covid19 virus and if there is a discussion regarding the cancellation of this event.
Hey Mark,

We aren't canceling the event at this point but do have a discussion internally happening about how we plan on making adjustments based on this. I'll post an update here after our meeting tomorrow.
I hope I'm not stepping on toes here, but just got an email that the event will be online now.

@JoyHawkins - I can't open the form. It says I need permission.

Hey Scott,

Can you try to reload? I believe Joy has fixed the permissions!

Hey Guys,

So in case you didn't already gather this, we have changed the event as it will now be held online. We are actually adding some items though. @Colan Nielsen is going to help host and @Greg Gifford has been added as a speaker. So we have those 2 in addition to all the wonderful speakers on the original agenda.

As much as I'm sad that I won't see people in person, this event will still be awesome!

The cost has also been cut in half and you can get tickets online here.
Yes, sorry to not be able to see everyone, but completely understand. Please, please try to bring to the ATL again though. Okay, I'm a little biased about that location. :cool::cool:

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