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Jan 25, 2019
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So.. Recently someone started a business called AA Locksmith and Garage Services (because you may as well pair up the two shadiest industries on google) Thing is, for 10 years, AA Locksmith Pittsburgh has spent years building up their name and reputation as one of the "Good" locksmiths out there.

Needless to say my client is beside himself and wants to resolve this - I get that the name is not exactly unique, but he has done good work that a competitor is trying to take advantage of. Any suggestions as to how he can get this resolved amicably?

Have you tried calling their phone number to see whether it directs to an actual person/business or if it gets sent to a call center? That might inform your next move, whether to deal with this as a map spam issue through Google or directly with the person/their lawyer.
@rutkap, what @Annika Neudecker said. Also, you'll probably want to make sure they're not cutting into you in the same way on the local map. If they are, there's a decent chance you can get the GMB page removed or get the name fixed. Besides the obvious benefits, one upshot is that more or all of that business's impressions would get funneled through that sorry-looking LSA. That ad is unlikely to produce many customers for them - especially when it's side-by-side with your client's ad - and may cost them extra to the extent they get clicks from people who are searching for your client by name. If it's unsustainable for them, they're more likely to stop trolling your client.

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