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Jun 28, 2012
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I'm building a website for a client - a small local construction company. I was told they have an office and I obtained the address and submitted it via GMB.

Emailed the clients and told them to expect a postcard from Google and to send me the code when it arrives.

Client replied:

sorry but because where we rent is just yard space we have no mail boxes . So will not be able to receive anything

So it's basically just a place to store equipment and supplies which they transsport to their construction jobs in the area. Their contact number are just their cell phones and email.

Now, I'm trying to convert it to a local area business but I don't see any way to edit that listing in GMB.

Do I just delete it and start again?

Any and all advice appreciated.
No need, this is a really common situation, it comes up at least a couple times on a month on the official GMB forum.

If that were the address the business listing needed, you'd just request the postcard, wait 14 days, and then contact Google support directly or on Twitter and explain the situation. They will ask for additional proof for the business, and then you should be good to go.

It sounds like it needs to be an SAB anyway though, and it might be more advantageous to use the client's home instead (location matters even with a hidden address). If you chose to go that route, you should be able to change the address on the unverified listing in your dashboard to the client's home office, switch it to an SAB, and then re-request a new postcard without having to wait.
Changed the address to his home address. But I can't find where to change it to SAB in GMB.

Found it finally. Apparently, Google only wants licensed detectives to be able to find these things. :cool:
It's not always easy to figure out how to use Google's systems, but it keeps people like us in work at least. Glad you figured it out. For anyone else wanting the answer and reading this in the archive, instructions for setting up a service area business in GMB are here.

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