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Jun 28, 2012
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Here it is folks!


Image Credit: Local SEO Guide

Moz 1st reported and shared the screenshot on G+ here: <a href="">#MozCast Feature Alert</a>

Then this AM Andrew posted the screenshot above. Here is his post with more details.

<a href="">Google Local Desktop SERPs Continue To Get More Mobile - Local SEO Guide</a>

Seems like every day we stumble onto a new Google Pigeon test bucket. Here’s a desktop SERP for “ft. lauderdale movers” that looks pretty mobilicious:

Then Mike just posted some examples others have seen and he's seeing now too.

<a href="">Google Testing Carousel Replacement | Understanding Google Places & Local Search</a>

So far most are seeing for food and lodging.

But Andrew's example was for movers, which is a category that would not have sprouted a Carousel display in the past.

Here is a comment I posted at Mike's:

"What’s notable, if this replaces the 7 pack for ALL local searches is that there is no link to website and no address -just street. And no phone.

Mike since you are seeing it (I’m not) where do you click to get more info and where does that click lead to? A branded SERPs page kind of like when you click a result in the Carousel now?"

Any one here able to replicate any of the results Mike or Andrew posted???
If so, can you answer my Qs above?

Also can you do some other searches for local categories outside of food and lodging to see if this is indeed being tested more widely as Andrew's search for "Movers" implies?

Linda - you are correct about a branded SERP when you click on one of the "tiles" except it now products a brand + geo SERP. I have updated our blog post with a screenshot.
Thanks so much Dan!

Mike just added to his post after I brought up the Q above.

"What is totally fascinating is that when you click on the new style pack result, you are taken to a brand search. THERE IS NO OPTION to visit the website, view reviews or even get to the Plus page until you have clicked through to the brand search."
Oh dear! Mike just did another post and this is not looking good.

<a href="">Google Test Search Results – 11 Ads, 1 Directory and 3 Stinkers </a>
Oh man.. this is going to get ugly..

Maybe I need to start concentrating on other forms of advertisement..

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