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Jun 28, 2012
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RavenTools just released a handy dandy Schema Creator WordPress Plugin that I thought all you WP site builders would be interested in. If I built WP sites for clients, I'd sure be using it!

Schema Creator WordPress Plugin by Raven

The plugin helps you create properly formatted microdata. Like our website, the plugin focuses on the most popular schemas, including Person, Product, Event, LOCAL BUSINESS, Organization, Movie, Book and Review.

One of the best features of the plugin is the use of WordPress shortcode. Shortcode keeps the schema data from breaking if you edit a page or post in Visual mode. It also enables you to easily edit any part of the schema you create, instead of making you start completely over.

*Local Business added by Linda

Click the link above to read more. Then you can pick it up at Wordpress or Github.

Schema can and should be used for lots of things beside reviews, but review markup is one of the most common uses. Below are a couple screenshots that show how the Schema review markup works.





Till recently I was using Schema for Wordpress, but it had pretty major bugs, and the implementation was far from easy. A few weeks ago it went missing and I couldn't get any info on why this happened. Anywho, this is really good news that Raven Tools took the opportunity to fill in this wide gap.
I love the folks at Raven Tools, but my patience is running thin with their schema plugin.

It's not that good. The plugin is limited, to say the least. If you need to add Lat/Long into local markup, forget about it.

Want to add some style to your reviews? Don't bother with Raven's Schema plugin.

It's a waste.
UGh! I was so hopeful until I scrolled all the way down to read the last few responses. I guess I can give it a try on a site just to see what is going on......darn it!
I wonder how much it would cost to develop a schema plugin for reviews and local markup?

I don't want to have a plugin available in the WP Plugin Directory, because that would require support.

But I'm curious to know if others here would be interested in pooling resources for building a schema plugin for Wordpress.
Thanks for sharing this Linda.

I have to say that (on using this and other plugins), I still prefer to get the schema done manually. I have yet to find a plugin that automatically inserts the schema into the footer.

Ha, funnily enough, I use Linda's training manual to grab the schema code as I find that a very quick way! Thanks Linda! :D
@Nick- I agree about manually placing schema in the footer.

I'd just like to be able to add schema in the WP editor on specific pages. I'd also like to display customer reviews on one page w/out having to code... especially since WP loves to strip div tags.
I prefer hard coding it myself with Linda's Local SEO automated template if I am dealing with wordpress or html. But wouldn't mind finding a plugin if it REALLY worked well!
Now that is pretty slick. I've used a number of schema based wordpress plugins but I haven't tried this one. Looks like I'm gonna test another lol.
Does anybody know if this plugin has improved since the earlier comments?

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