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Mar 22, 2017
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Anyone able to help - my partner's website - she is an artist.

The website is Pet Portraits Drawn by Pet Portrait Artist Sandra Palme

There is a GMB page - until a few days ago the website was displaying in Google Maps when searching for "Pet Portraits" but when I search now (as from 2nd Sept or so) it isn't showing at all and not listed in the top 20 or so pinned on the Google map.

If I search for "Fine Pet Portraits" (the domain and business name) it shows.

Any suggestions?

Not a Google Maps issue but the site ranks very poorly (and has done for some time) organically for "Pet Portraits"
Just wanted to let you know, most of our members are out enjoying the Holiday, so it could be tomorrow before anyone has a chance to reply.

Happy Labor Day!
this might be different because of UK...idk, but...

1. the maps are only going to show for local based queries or local service type queries...typing in something like "pet portraits" typically won't show the map listings unless you're searching within google maps or you add the city/town to the end of the search phrase ex: "pet portrait city"

2. the website itself has no local indication at all. no address. nothing that would cater to showing within the local maps area. I couldn't find the address on facebook or anywhere else to even check local results.

3. the biz name is actually "Pet Portrait Artist Sandra Palme" which is what you would need to search to find them accurately. If you're simply typing in pet portraits, unless her location is close by you're going to be competing with any pet portrait website/biz across the UK...and so you get into SEO and all that part of it.

You have two different parts to this. Local and UK wide (organic). You're probably not going to rank locally because for the most part, you've hidden your address and set the radius across the entire UK. If you want to take advantage of people nearby doing pet portraits then you're going to need to localize the website. if you are trying to rank the website across the entire UK for organic search phrases, you need to do all the usual SEO work to try and rank for those keywords. It doesn't appear the site ranks very well at all right now.

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