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Apr 4, 2016
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What's the best course of action to correct/remove a Google My Business listing that was created for a corporate office?
No customers are served at this location, and the brand search that returns this Google My Business listing shows it above the organization's Knowledge Panel.

The organization's Knowledge Panel should be occupying that space at the top and I want to remove the GMB listing.
What's the best way to remove the GMB listing?

I don't have permission to share the client, but I'm including Coca Cola as an example of what I want removed and want I want in place.

Thanks in advance!
Hi @Ellen

Do you manage the listing for the corporate office? Is it verified?

If the listing is unverified it technically falls outside of GMB rules and just becomes a point on the map. And since there is a corporate office category it likely qualifies to be on the map.

I'd run the specifics by GMB support on Twitter or post over at the GMB forum to determine the best course of action for this specific case.
I'm afraid if it's a real, physical place, Google isn't going to want to remove it from Google Maps.
@Ellen, if you really want that GMB page not to show up in the knowledge panel, I suggest you try the following in this order or all at once:

1. Remove the website (landing page) URL.

2. Strip out the address. (No need to replace it with a "service area," though.)

3. Rename the listing to something like "[Name of Company] Corporate Office"

Then give it some time.
Thanks all for the help! We do have control of the verified listing. We will proceed as advised. Really appreciate it! :D

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