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I got a pending on one of my client's listings yesterday and 1 poke did the trick!
Awesome, Alicia!

I've only come across one client that didn't pop out of pending with a poke. But there listing is still live and ranking as usual.
I believe the problem has been resolved for now or at least the fix is starting to roll out.
Just now saw this! Thanks for the update. Looks like poking the listings is working for most situations. Glad there's an easy solution for one of the bugs out there! ;)

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Has anyone noticed that their listings are still live even though the dashboard is reporting them as under review? Seems to be the case for most of these listings
Yep Melissa I believe all of these are live even though pending.

POKEs were fixing, but then I think G rolled out a permanent fix so even if you didn't poke, I think now most should be resolved.
mine did the same thing. it was live but showing pending. back to active now

in the past two weeks something was going on at google. a LOT of directories were delisted or had the PR drop to zero as google marked them as nothing more than link exchanges. letters then appeared in webmaster tools about selling links and to delete the outbound paid links and submit a request

of course a directory is nothing more than links so it's a catch 22
I have had multiple accounts that have gone into pending/review & even account suspended mode.. I have noticed that some of them are back up and ranking on Google+ Local after about 3-4 weeks once I hid the address. I work with all service-based companies and some of them weren't hidden, because they do "sometimes" see people in their storefront. I submitted help from Google and they eventually took it out. Have seen a lot of success.

This is the link I use to submit help, must be logged in with the account having issues:

I'm having a problem verifiying my listing(s). - Places for business Help

Hope this helps! I have hope for your listings to come out! Seems as if it's a huge bug but does eventually come out. Not sure if hiding address was the main reason or not.

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