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JS Girard

Mar 29, 2022
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So, I just saw this. And I'm fairly confident I've never seen this display before.

This is for a general contractor (which various closely related subcategories), but I had never seen this "card" on the photo upload page in the home improvement industry writ large before (e.g. contractors, roofers, electricians, plumbers).

Is this
  1. The "product photo" category being added to new Google categories?
  2. The "Product photo" newly having a "promo" card at the top of the dashboard gallery to encourage its use more?
  3. Both of these?
Someone asked a similar question back in may, but tehre was no conclusive answer

Oh, I know the photo category has existed for a long time. It's specifically the part about Google touting it at the top of the page next to Logo and cover photos (which have always had the big cards if none were uploaded) that I'm curious about.

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