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Dec 3, 2012
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Hello All,

I plan on creating citations (business directory submissions) as well as online classified ads (with the exception of Craigslist) for several clients of mine. Is it advisable to use proxies when submitting to the same business directory and classified sites for the different clients I have?

Thank you in advance for any feedback!
Hi John,

Welcome to the forum. Thanks for posting!

I don't do anything with citations any more so don't have an answer for you, but I'm sure some of our members will weigh in with feedback when they get time.
I know that, and the big 3 (google yahoo bing) will limit based on IP. However, most sites aren't sophisticated enough to limit based on IP, especially if you are actually doing this manually. BUT... proxies are so cheap, so when in doubt, proxy it up.
Proxies are not necessary. Just clear cache, delete cookies, reset browser, delete temp files, etc. when switching between different clients.
Not sure exactly what you mean by "proxies" but as often as possible I use logmein or teamviewer to remote log into a PC in the client's office so as much as possible that is done for a client, is emanating from his or her IP address, if that helps
This thread was created years ago, and over that time the tools to build citations have changed pretty dramatically. I wouldn't recommend anyone build citations manually/in-house these days. It's too time consuming and doesn't move the needle as much.

I recommend hiring a service like Whitespark, Brightlocal, Yext, etc., to take care of citations. For the price you pay them, it will free up the time to do something that will have a major impact for the client.

If you're a one person show, or a small team, this is a task to delegate to another company or hire VAs overseas to help create these.

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