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Jun 28, 2012
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We knew this day was coming - well it's finally here.

Classic maps is gone and if you bookmarked the link to get there like I did, it no longer brings up Classic, but gives you the new maps lite version.

Discovered the news from Barry Schwartz (below) and the tried my trusty link, my old Classic friend link. Didn't work. So sad! :(

Try it -

BUT Barry found a hack, that for now will get you the same result as output=classic.

Here is Barry's thread announcing the sad news.

<a href="">Google Begins Dropping Classic Version Of Google Maps For Google Maps Lite</a>

...users who normally would see the classic version are now being sent to Google Maps Lite. Those users, as you'd imagine, are not happy. The Google Maps forum is lighting up with complaints, including this Google Maps Help thread amongst dozens of others, all with significant anger in the tone of these users.

Here are a couple Google Maps complaint threads if you want to weigh in.

<a href="!category-topic/maps/26zVGZGXhNY">Why has Classic Maps been replaced by Lite Mode? - Google Product Forums</a>

<a href="!category-topic/maps/vsVBjHjXVbQ">Please give us classic maps back! - Google Product Forums</a>

There are TONS more!

But I think at this point complaining is wasted energy. Pretty sure the fat lady has sung!

Instead of complaining, you might be better off investing energy in learning to deal with and make the best of new maps. That's what I'm reluctantly going to do. Because I'm sure that hack won't last for long.

Should we have a wake???
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I am getting a pop-up "This version of Google Maps is updating soon" with the hack. Who knows how long it will last...
Has anyone had any luck with finding duplicates in the new maps or Lite mode?
Nope Bryan, new maps hides dupes. But even Classic did at the end too.

Need to use this method:

<a href="">Advanced Tip for Google Local Duplicate Discovery & Troubleshooting</a>

Or Map Maker works too, but does not link you directly to all the G+ pages so I prefer at least starting with the method above.
Need to use this method:

<a href="">Advanced Tip for Google Local Duplicate Discovery & Troubleshooting</a>

With Plus Local gone now, has anyone found a better alternative to the site: command search? to help find dupes?
Thanks Priya!

Plus there is this dupe finder. Been meaning to try it again and see how well it works.

Might be easier than MM if it's as accurate and gives a link so don't have to copy/paste and search to find each listing.

Google+ My Business Page Finder - Michael Cottam

HOT DAMN - just gave it a quick spin. I knew before when I tried it a long time ago, it seemed to pull the same results pretty much as MM does.

BUT IT GIVES YOU A LINK TOO!!! Not only to the G+L listing but to the web page listed on G+ L!

Oh man, this may really help! What do you think?
Can't get the link to work Linda :(

Will keep trying though - if it gives a direct link to the G+ page then that's great news.
Link works for me. Working on huge post about it this AM, will be up in the next hour.

Plus talked to Michael about adding a couple much needed new features.
Here is the new thread:

<a href="">GMB Dupe Finder & Spam Hunter - 100 Times Better Than Google Map Maker</a>
Dang! Another one bites the dust!

Thanks for the head's up Mark!

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