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Aug 26, 2018
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Hi everyone,

I am looking for help with one of my client projects. It a boutique fitness studio and they picked a very long business and domain name that has article "a" in it.
Without disclosing my client, the domain name is something similar to "" and the business name is Mind Body Movement - a Yoga Studio. My client is in a very competitive location.

To top it off, there are other studios with similar names (but without "a" in the title) that rank better on Google if you type in the business name. Those studios are in different states thankfully.

Here is question: In all of her NAP mentions should we keep the full business name with "a" in it? Or should we skip it and just use it in the domain itself?

OR is it better to move the website to a new shorter domain? We won't be able to change the name of the studio.

I would appreciate any help/advice that you can offer.
Really long business & domain name with articles in it, what should we do?

I’m not sure how long they have had a website but I would get a better, shorter domain and redirect the old domain to the new one.

See if you can get or or something along those lines -something short that connects to the business name.

None of their customers are ever going to remember a long domain name like that, even leaving aside the high probability of typos.
Re: Really long business & domain name with articles in it, what should we do?

I would use the full name on all the citations to clarify that "a yoga studio" is in fact a part of the business name and not a descriptor.
The website is several years long that's why I am hesitant about switching to a new domain.
I am thinking about recommending that they use a shorter domain for their business cards etc so that clients can actually remember it. Misspelling is a big issue there. When I first started working with them I misspelled the domain wrong several times and landed on a wrong webpage LOL
Re: Really long business & domain name with articles in it, what should we do?

Thanks, that's what we've been doing. Now Google ranks them high for "a yoga studio" + location but not for "yoga studio". And how many people type in "a" when searching for a local business?

It's been a confusing case for me, for sure.
That is another way of doing it then. Use the full domain name officially, get a shorter more memorable one to redirect to the official domain.

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