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Oct 1, 2013
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We have hundreds of reviews, photos a website and everything google asks for, suddenly we are no longer displaying at all in maps searches (when we look) and Insights shows searches down to a quarter of what they were a month ago. Do we need to find a storefront to have an address-we are mobile locksmiths, advertising on local maps and google ads.
We just found out yesterday afternoon, we are in Fawn Creek Township, KS along with about 100 other locksmiths. I have replied with screenshots to our GMB support ticket-previously they gave us the same answer, get more reviews and post photos (we have hundreds of each btw), And I edited the map with screenshots also. What a disappointment so far, we spend thousands each month in ads and this support has been boilerplate. Waiting on the support answer:) Thanks for your reply!!
if support does not help you, make a post on the Google My Business Forum (with the case id number) and a PE will escalate the case.
Apparently, some support officers didn't receive the "memo" about the Kansas bug 🙁
Good luck!

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