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Jun 28, 2012
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Today I'm sad...

I'm supposed to be at a major Google event this week (an all expenses paid I might add), but I could not make it due to health issues.

Google Top Contributors from around the world are heading to TC Summit in San Jose today. Lots of meetings, presentations about existing and new Google products and tour of Google Headquarters.

I think it's awesome that Google recognizes all their hard working volunteers that help support users across the full product spectrum. Lots of nice and very smart folks I know are TCs and deserve this recognition! Kinda of jealous, but I'll try to live vicariously through reports/pics coming into the TC G+ group.

There's a meeting about Local & Places for Business on Wednesday. Jade is going go try to do a hangout so I can be there virtually at least and don't miss anything important that's discussed that affects 'our' world.
So sorry to hear you have to miss the event Linda. If anyone deserves the red carpet treatment, it's you! Thanks for all the time and devotion you spend helping people in this industry. Hope your health issues improve soon.
Yes, there is. Why do you think I call her a she??? :p
Well, yes, but I didn't think they had pageants. OMG. Now I'm visualizing Matt Cutts in the swimsuit competition. :eek:
Oh dear no! Matt in a swimsuit?

Hey I heard Matt actually spoke at the TC Summit. Pretty cool!

The Local meeting today was awesome!

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