Jul 16, 2014
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Anyone else following the rule change which started back in December of 2020? I have several clients in this industry, I guess the rule change was then put on hold with the Biden administration.

Now I just read this press release: Wealthtender Launches Industry's First Financial Advisor Review Platform Designed to be Fully Compliant with New SEC Marketing Rule

Interesting section:
However, reviews published on conventional platforms like Google and Yelp do not meet SEC requirements for promotion and lack important information necessary for consumers to judge their accuracy and merits.

Certified Advisor Reviews™ from Wealthtender are designed to comply with the new SEC rule and provide the transparency consumers deserve when their life savings could be at stake. For example, consumers will know if:

  • Compensation in any form was provided for a review
  • Conflicts of interest may have influenced a review
  • A review was written by a client or other acquaintance of the advisor

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