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Mar 7, 2016
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Read a decent article in Inc about Snapchat updating their Algo, and didn't even know they had one - which shows I am guilty of not using it. My friends use it to goof off, but how are businesses utilizing it now that the new algo means less marketing/advertising and more about quality content for viewers?

Anyone here use it or recommend it for their clients? Which verticals are they in if you are recommending this? I can see this actually being useful for mechanics, food industry, etc.
Saw this article about it also, good read.

When the internet first launched, it allowed every brand to become a publisher. Snapchat is now going to turn all brands into production studios.

Just about every piece of Snapchat content that I find engaging is a video, a flashy animation, a filter or a heavily modified image. All of my friends are taking videos instead of photos. Heavy Snapchat users are filling their Stories with multiple videos a day.
That makes sense, considering Snapchat says 10 billion videos a day are created across the platform. As smartphones consumerized photography, people flew ahead of brands when it came to taking photos. Now they’re lapping them when it comes to producing videos.
There’s no question that videos are the future. The question is how companies keep up and how marketers can make interesting videos that aren’t polished but aren’t unbranded, but aren’t advertisey but still kind of sell things.

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