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Matt Chauhan

Feb 22, 2021
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If a business is opening its new location in a different city, shall we create new social accounts for that new location? I know for Facebook, we can create stores but what about other channels like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest?


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Apr 1, 2021
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Hi Matt, having separate social accounts is a great as long as there is worthwhile content being posted. If you are just going to create a new profile or page for the new location with no content, it isn't going to necessarily hurt but it very likely won't help much either. Social doesn't have a direct impact on a website's organic ranking. However, if you have engaging content on FB (for example), Google will crawl and read it. Therefore it can definitely result in the FB page showing up as a high organic SERP, which increases consumer awareness and most likely will increase website traffic too. Many of our clients get a high percentage and sometimes a majority of their monthly website visitors from the FB posts we create each month. The only caveat, is that FB posts by themselves typically have very low organic reach, you must have some type of ad spend (boosts, ads) in order to get visibility, especially if you have a new page. Even existing FB pages with hundreds or thousands of followers get less than 6% reach per organic/non-promoted posts. Depending on the client's industry, organic reach on posts can be well below 2% reach on non-promoted posts. We simply won't take on a new Social Media client unless they are willing to budget an appropriate amount of money on promoting posts. So in short, social channels can potentially have a great impact on website traffic and client engagement, but you have to have regular, visually engaging posts and you need to put some money behind the posts to increase reach. Here's a couple of good articles:

FWIW, FB deprecated "reviews" a few years back and now use "recommendations", so any mention of reviews in the above articles showing up in KPs would only apply to existing FB pages with reviews.

Hope this is helpful!

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