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Jun 27, 2013
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Hey everybody,

Is there a tool that'll compare most social networks from an optimization standpoint? This question will probably evolve as I ask it, but here goes...

For instance, I just recently had to merge 3 different Facebook Pages for a new client. One was actually a Profile that I had to submit a transfer to Page request and then merge. The 3rd was an auto-generated location page that had some Likes and Check-Ins.

I imagine a perfect report would spit out the top networks: Facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, et al. The tool would locate this information by searching the NAP and domain or common AKAs/usernames received from a form.

The report would provide current followers, missing data points (descriptions, etc), # images uploaded, follower score (Likes, +1s, Shares, Pins, retweets, Fans, etc), and major areas of improvement. I feel like I'm writing a requirements document now... ;)

I find this would be extremely useful to provide a client with as a before/after my services. I've seen a few that'll provide simple reports but hoping someone here can tell me there's something robust out there.


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