Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Thanks for sharing Susan.

This is a great guide by by Gene Maryushenko and well worth a read!


Sep 27, 2012
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What is the best way to enter this information into a site? Manually? Are there any tools out there to help you structure the data and populate the info then copy and paste to the website?
Mar 16, 2015
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Susan and Linda, thanks for sharing!

@Laustin1878 - you can use the basic example provided in the post. Customize it with your business information and copy + paste it into your website. If you use Wordpress, you can edit page HTML directly and paste it there.

Be sure that you're only marking up the elements that are visible on that page though, it's against Google's guidelines to mark up elements that are not visible.

There is no tool that I know of to generate this for you yet, however that would be the next logical step, right? If I can get a developer on this, perhaps we'll make the tool! No promises though :)

Best of luck to ya.


Jul 22, 2012
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Thanks for sharing! Schema isn't always an option for local clients but is very necessary in our eyes. Great way to show bots what they need to know without putting undesired info on sites or negatively affecting UX.
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