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Mar 15, 2016
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The Rules of Sharing Reviews in the Legal Industry

Reviews aren't complicated.

You do amazing work, then you ask your clients to talk about it. Simple, straightforward and easy, right?

When it comes to lawyer reviews, not so much.

If you're a lawyer, this is a problem.

The Modern Firm lists review or testimonial pages as one of the most visited pages on law firm websites. Research shows lawyer reviews and testimonials are an incredibly effective way to win new clients.
· 83 percent of clients use reviews as their first step in the research process

· 70 percent of clients would travel to work with an attorney who had better reviews

· 43 percent of clients use reviews to select an attorney

If you're unprepared, this is a crisis in the making.

Andrew goes on to detail where you can find each state's rules and regulations for sharing online review content (communications and advertising related policies.)

Read Andrew's full article here.

Anyone else work with lawyers and have any insights when it comes to the legality of marketing online reviews?



Good one Garrett and Andrew!

Legal reviews are hard to get to begin with. Who's going to say "I love my divorce atty" or "my BK atty did a great job" or thanks to Alpine Legal I got off pretty good on my DUI?

Then add on top the different regional regulations regarding reviews, marketing and solicitation in the legal space. This post is really helpful and a must read for any consultants that have atty clients.

Thanks, Garrett
Thanks, Linda!

I agree that it's important research done by Andrew, especially in importance for the legal industry.

Especially for agencies that specifically work for attorneys, most of them do their own due diligence.

For those agencies and consultants who work with only a few attorney clients, it's an essential reminder and good starting point for the necessary research.

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