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Jul 19, 2012
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Jade just posted an interesting piece on "Tips For a Safe Google Listing". Most of it is fairly well known info to most of us local SEO's, but I love when Jade or Joel, or anyone from Google do posts like this. Super useful information!

Google Groups

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I always neglect to use the reporting feature that Jade mentions (The Google Maps Report a Problem feature). It's an incredible feature due to the variety of things that you can report such as:

  • Street View Issues
  • Incorrect Road Names
  • Incorrect Zip Code Showing
Thanks so much for posting Colan! Got email from Jade about it as I was running out for appointment and was going to post tonight if I had a spare second. But you did, so I don't have to. You rock!

And I agree. I love any time they give us info like this and I think this is a good basic one to share with clients or when helping folks in the forums.
My favourite line in Jade'e post:

"Please note that Google won?t call business owners and offer to improve rankings."

Will be useful to send this to anyone who gets confused about phone calls from slightly murky companies offering SEO services and guaranteed Page 1 rankings.
I got 3 in a row from the same company yesterday even though I kept hitting #2 to be removed. They'd just wait an hour and call back from a different #. Same exact recording, diff #.

"This is your Google Specialist" we have guaranteed unlimited clicks in your area at the top of Google!"

If I was not madly trying to get stuff done to get out of town I would have recorded and then hit #1 and then massively played them! Would have acted like a gullible SMB, let them weave a bunch of lies, waste a bunch of their time and THEN tell them who I am and that I'll be outing them and sharing the recording here for Google and the world to hear!

I'll be doing that when I get back because I hate companies that use those tactics.

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