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Jun 2, 2020
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We've been experimenting with publishing Spanish-language content (service pages and blog posts) for a U.S.-based home services client because we've seen a good amount of traffic from some pages that were created a few years ago. This company has locations in several metros with a large population of Spanish speakers. We're even starting to see GMB reviews and Requests to Quote in Spanish instead of English. My question is: would it be beneficial for these GMB listings to have some content in Spanish as well as English? I'm not thinking about straight translation. Rather, I'm envisioning a section under Services that is written in Spanish and mentions that there are bilingual staff.

Thanks in advance for any feedback or thoughts on the matter!
Hey Nicole,

You'd be better off focusing on the content on the website since that's what drives ranking. Until the services section becomes more visible on GMB, it's unlikely that anyone will see it. The products section is pretty visible so you could use that to showcase that you speak Spanish.
I have a client in a similar situation, and I completely agree with Joy. The client serves English- and Spanish-speaking residents, so we made sure each page on the site is available in both languages, made sure hreflangs were in place, etc. For GMB, we just have an English version and that seems to do the trick. According to GSC and GMB Insights, we still capture plenty of Spanish searches this way (in fact, they make up the majority).
Yeah Google translates the GMB profile based on the user profile viewing the listing, so lots of the listing like "category" for example will auto-translate when the searcher is a native Spanish speaker.
There's a way to change the name depending on the language being used.

Find the business listing on Maps, switch the Maps interface to the language you wish to enter the business name.

Click the Suggest an edit link in the information panel and select the Name field. There should be a second name field for the selected language, in addition to the original name field in the local language.

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