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Feb 7, 2013
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How long have messages such as this been around?


Firefox (desktop), incognito, not signed-in.

No "Hours or services may differ" message present, so presumably it's pandemic-driven messaging. Wondering if it goes away after a certain amount of time.
@freerunr, I've seen those for a little while now. The first time was probably a month or two ago, but I see those updates in the wild so infrequently that I don't remember a clear before-and-after moment.

I also wonder how long they stick around for, because I've seen "Updated by business # weeks ago" messaging.
Update by business one week ago. Keeping track of it, I'm also wondering how long the message will display for...

@Lluc, I'd be interested to know if you still see that a week from now. The longest I've ever seen an "hours update" is 3 weeks after the hours were updated. My hunch is that that message disappears after 4 weeks / 1 month.
Hi @Phil Rozek, I think you are right, I'm sure I've read it somewhere.
I'll post an update next week.

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