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Jun 30, 2014
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I claimed a G+ page that has a similar name as my primary page and the same phone number. I went to the trouble of verifying it with the same address as my primary and the verified address appears on the GMB page but the "Business Info" edit page was left with a yellow bar at the top, and only the old (and invalid) zip code in the address box and a note (in red) "There is a problem with this data. Please update it"

I really dont care about this page and thought, ok just delete it.... but everything on the page is shaded and inactive except for the address portion. They even bothered to lock all sections except for the address section.

Are they leaving me no alternative but to update, re-verify, then delete?

Of course, I dont want adverse affects on my valid address so should I update it with a random (usable) address and than delete the page after it's re-verified, or what?

Thank for any thoughts on this. RonnieG
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Ronnie, Can you share some screenshots of what you are seeing? This will help others understand what is happening.
I agree with Justin. Screen shots would help to understand it better.

Of course, without seeing it, I'm guessing this will have to be a call to support.
Thanks for the quick reply. Sure I would be happy too.... Except the screen shot I get is like 10 times too big...... any help?
Ok, so I guess I cant even get a screen shot together.... the one I get is way too large to post. sorry.
You can copy it to Paint even if you don't have any other graphic software and then shrink it down.
Max width is 720 to fit in the forum. 1 pixel more and it won't let you upload.

Or use Awesome screen shot or other program that will let you just crop the area you need.
Great suggestion Linda. I actually use Snag It for my screen shots.
Yes I use Snag it for most. But Awesome for full page SERPS shots cuz I can't get my version of Snag it to do full page. Plus for saving SERP to just check and compare rankings I don't want to load up hard drive so use Awesome saved to Diigo. But that has it's drawbacks too.

When I get time going to try Jing and Screencast again to see if they do what I need.
Last I tried they did not but things may have changed.
Ok, thanks. Below is the GMB page... now it is small enough to post.....

GMB page.png

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because that was so easy, here is the "edit" page
GMB edit page.png

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Hey, remember the movie Vanilla Sky when Tom Cruz started screaming "Tech Support, Tech Support" ..... thats me right now.

GMB page.png

GMB edit page.png
Sorry but we can't even read the edit screen. That's the main one we need.

I don't know how you did the images but the whole white part is part of the image and then the image part we need to see is small inside that. I've never seen a screenshot like that so don't know how you did it.

Did you do it in paint? I think you shrank the image instead of the whole canvas behind it.
I don't use Paint enough to explain it but there are probably help docs.
Ok.... Well lets just leave the dupe page in limbo for now and move on to a question about my primary page.

I went into "account" in the dropdown under my pic and tried to add a recovery email address only to get this message.........

[h=1] Account recovery options
[/h] It is not necessary to add recovery options to this account because it is administered by To change your password, contact your administrator. Learn more

So the big questrion is, who is this "administrator" ??

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