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Ross, I'm no longer recommending that for now; I'm waiting on an escualtion to Google to see if it's appropriate. If you set it up in Map Maker, Geoffery would be the one approving or denying, and he cannot approve such an edit until Google states it is OK. As Andrew said, you are geographically within Spring Valley, and I found nothing in the guidelines or within three different Google forums for Map Maker that would allow something other than geographical. I'll let you know what they say.
I got confirmation back from the escalation team that only the physical location can be used on the map. The ability to pick a nearby city is in place for when it is found that city boundaries are wrong; in which case we are to also escalate for a city boundary repair.

Google wants the real city, not a nearby one. There is nothing we can do in Map Maker to help; the city boundaries are correct.
Yes, I've done as you suggested. And when you say "claim it," I imagine that you're talking about claiming it in Places, correct?
I'm not quite sure where we are at now.

The only option is for you to set up a listing at the actual physical address. You can either do it in Map Maker and then claim the resulting listing in Places, or you can do the entire thing in Places. In either case the address is going to end up as Spring Valley; it was confirmed for me that nothing but the physical address is accepted.
Although the address had not shown up for me in Places, based on your suggestions in this thread I went in through Map Maker and added it as a business using the Las Vegas moniker for the city and the correct zip. Google reviewed and accepted it within a day. Now the business is showing up at that address, namely Las Vegas. When I search on the address by itself in Google still changes it to "Spring Valley," but not when they display the business.

Google Local is indeed a bizarre universe. I feel like I've gone through the looking glass.

However, the help in this thread was invaluable to me. Thanks so very much for the contribution.

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