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Feb 7, 2013
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Has anyone used CityGrid's service as of late? I realize there were rumblings last year that they were going through some struggles, but it looks like they now have a whole network of publishers (did that exist previously?): I was particularly interested in if the partnership they have with the publishers allows information to be pushed out actively, or if it's more on the passive side, like some of the major data aggregators.
Not sure Kerry, but I'll Tweet this and see if we can get any feedback.

The CityGrid network has been around for a long time. It consists of CitySearch, InsiderPages, Judysbook, and in some ways Bing. CitySearch is kinda the ring leader, if you will.

Business information gets pushed out actively to the publishers. In other words, it's not like one site (e.g. CitySearch) just gets scraped by all the partners.
Thanks Phil. Do you happen to know how publishers respond to data received for a given business if it's pushed by another service (ie, Yext or Moz Local) AND CityGrid? For example, Superpages could be covered by Yext and CityGrid if a business has a subscription with both. I know Moz Local handles overlap well if the information is submitted from elsewhere (and the information is consistent on both sources), but I'm specifically curious how CityGrid handles it. Or maybe it depends on the publisher...
Hey Kerry,

I'd say it just depends on the specific publisher. My guess is that Yext's data would override what's in CityGrid if you're signed up with both, because most CityGrid publishers are also in Yext's network. So there's a close relationship.

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