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Aug 7, 2013
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It's pretty easy. Get involved in the community, Create kick Ass content, engage and natural links will build.

11 Ways for Local Businesses to Get Links
By Casey Meraz at Moz

Let's face it: Local link building is hard. Even if you have the budget and resources needed to earn or build links it will take time. Having a strong link profile is essential to your website's success in search engines.

If you're new to link building and want to develop a more in-depth understanding, check out this great resource from MOZ on link building here.

In this guide we will look at 11 practical ways you can start earning links for your local business, which will make an impact on your bottom line today.
Awesome share Justin. If it's from Casey, we know it's going to be good!

Actually just scanned. It's another one of Casey's EPIC posts!
Def worth a bookmark for future reference.

What was your fav tip Casey shared?

Any others to add???
I love tip #1 - what a great way to open up awareness about a dangerous trend with teenagers and bring that around to a link building strategy. I shared with one of my clients who has a few Attorneys he works with.

Great share Linda - thanks
Thanks Holly!

Justin gets the credit for this one tho. Great share Justin!

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