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Sep 3, 2014
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Fairly often, I need to "salt" the GMB Questions and Answers for a new client with starter sets of FAQs. Think things like "What forms of payment do you accept?", "Do you accept Medicare?" and similar questions and answers for them.

Are there any tools for doing this in a batch fashion? I don't believe that you can do it by simply uploading spreadsheets with the information. (But if I'm wrong I'd love to be told so.)
Not that I am aware of, maybe.... ugh Yext?
Not that I am aware of, maybe.... ugh Yext?
Thanks Ben. Yes, ugh. Not going there. I've always thought that "yext" sounds like the sound that my cats make when they throw up.
Tim, thanks for posting. We have been thinking about this as a concept since Google made Q&A available in the API and its always good to know that others might see the value in this "salting" as well.
Not that I am aware of, maybe.... ugh Yext?

GMB Briefcase is having this facility, a user can simply use Google Sheet or Excel File to bulk create Q& A on respective listing.Along with this a user can track Q&A and respond to questions from tool it self.,
Here are some details - View
Here is the sample file - View

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